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You already know you need content. 

I’m not here to convince you of that. 

You’ve got a list as long as your arm of things that need done. But you’ve got a business to run. I’m guessing marketing isn’t high on your list of priorities.

That’s where I come in. Hiya 🙋

I help you find the time. I help you create that content.

But not just any old content. 

No, you’ll not find me blogging about awards you’ve won or about a list of all the latest features on your product..

I create searchable content…

The kind of content that answers your customers questions. That is going to get you found on the internet by the right type of customers.

So, are you ready to attract the right type of customers to your website and turn them into paying customers.




Create fully stand-alone, searchable blogs that answer questions and drive relevant web traffic.


Not everyone likes to listen. That’s why I create a blog from a podcast episode to stand along side it.


Love it or hate it video is a big part of content marketing. I take a video and create a searchable written blog.


How long it’s going to take for you to get results will depend on where you currently are in your content journey.

You’ll already know that content isn’t a silver bullet. It requires dedication and consistent hard work in order to gain results.

Generally speaking, if you’ve never created content before it will take about 3 – 6 months of creating consistent content to see any results. 

But, the chances are, if you are here and willing to pay for it you’ve probably already dabbled in some content and know how powerful it can be. If that’s the case then you’re lucky and with carefully crafted, relevant content we can start seeing results straight away. 

But as you’ll probably already know, sometimes it’s not the individual pieces of content that can affect change, but the combination of consistent work. 


Short answer. It depends. How long it takes to see results will depend on what sort of traction you are currently getting with your content and what sort of social following you have.

We ask that you sign up for min 3 months. Any less than that and the chances are we won’t see any results .

Again, it depends. Mainly on how many blogs you want per month. 

You can check the pricing page here. 

That depends. Most of my packages only include the writing. If you want help understanding what to write you will need to book in for a strategy session to create a content plan. 

What my clients say

Debbie rode in like a knight in shining armour and delivered to me – work complete, far beyond my capabilities (and I’m really good by the way). The return and engagement I am receiving on Debbie’s content, emails, blogs and social media speaks for itself.  Campaign sign-ups are up 60%. Social Media engagement is up 3 x on average. Blog that she wrote are performing 3 x more effectively than ones of a similar nature on our website. 

Cara MacKay - Managing Director of Gillies & MacKay

How much does content creation cost?

How much your content creation will cost will depend on exactly what you are looking for. 

Are you wanting me to turn transcripts into written blogs? 

Or are you wanting me to research and write a stand alone blog?

Although the end product might look similar, the process and level of work required can vary massively. 

Costs start at £150/article for repurposed content.

If you are looking for stand-alone blog posts then articles start at £225/article.

In order to see results, I recommend that you commit to a minimum of three months, as one article here or there might not have the long-term impact you are looking for. 

why is it so expensive?

You might think this is a little pricy!

After all couldn’t you just go on a sites and get blog posts for £50 🤷‍♀️

You can!

 And if this is the price range you are looking then we might not be able to work together yet….

I specifically work with people who understand the value of creating excellent, searchable content that answers their customers questions. 

Crafting the perfect blog post that balances the desire  for readability against the need for SEO is a skill – and one that I’ve spent years honing. 

You won’t find my blogs stuffed with keywords. It will read like you are a human (which I’m guessing you are). But it will still be optimised for search engines so that your ideal customers find it. 

I follow Marcus Sheridans’ They Ask, You Answer philosophy, and write content around the Big 5 – to ensure your blog posts are found in search engines AND answer the questions your customers are actually wanting the answer to before buying.



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Do you only create written content?

Video and podcast content is becoming increasingly important. But, not everyone likes to listen or watch. Some people still like to read. That’s why I focus purely on creating written content. 

Plus, it’s my specialism. 

This doesn’t mean that I don’t think you should include video and audio content in your content plan. I absolutely do. But there are specialists out there that can help you with that. 

I can help you with written part.

COme and say hi

What are you waiting for. Drop me and email and let’s get going…