About Debbie


Are you struggling to find the time to get marketing done?

You got into business to do what you love. To be in control of your own time. Not to be a marketer.

So, why is it that you are finding yourself spending more and more time on marketing, rather than what you really want to be doing. 

This is where I come in. 

Hiya 🙋

Helping you create and promote written content consistently.  To drive traffic and turn that traffic into paying customers. 

You know what it’s like, you take a chance and most people meet a basic level of expectation, some maybe go a bit further but overall you’re usually thinking "I’d be quicker doing this myself". Not Debbie, I wish I could sack myself and employ her.

Cara MacKay
Managing Director - Gillies & MacKay


Content creation

Forget paying for Google AdWords. It’s possible to drive highly targeted traffic to your website, just by writing about the right things. 

Tired of answering the same questions over and over? Content can do the heavy lifting for you and answer the questions your customers need to know the answer to before buying. 

By ranking on Google, and answering the questions your customers need to know you pushing visitors through the sales process and converting them into paying customers. 

Content promotion

Writing the content isn’t enough, you need to get it seen by the maximum amount of relevant people.

Social media is a distribution channel for the content that you create. I can create copy for social channels to help it get seen by more eyeballs. 

Built an email list? Why not share your content with them. I’ll distribute your content via email comms to get it in front of more eyes. 

Speaking + Workshops

Does it sound good, but you’d like to do it yourself? Learn how to do your own content marketing via a private workshop or a conference talk.

Want to plan out 12 months of content. Learn what to write about and plan your calendar year of content out. 



Create searchable written content that drives the right type of traffic to your website.


Get your content in front of more eyeballs with strategic content promotion.


Hear me roar. Well it’s a little less loud. But just as powerful. Speaking on marketing and buy in. 

who am i?

I don’t need to convince you how important content is for attracting the right type of clients and customers to your business. You already know that. But your problem is time. You’ve got so much on your to do list. Completing all the marketing tasks will take you years. And besides, you’ve got a business to be working on. You don’t have time to do all this marketing work. My job is to help you reach your goals FASTER.

But who am I? And why am I qualified to help you?

I could sit here and write about my multiple degrees (😉 see what I did there), but that’s not really the important stuff. That’s not what’s going to get you results. What matters is that I have experience in creating conversion focussed content for multiple B2B and B2C companies. Content that is search focussed, that attracts the relevant audience to your website and convert them into paying customers.

When I’m not creating content and sharing it with the world I’m usually up a mountain trying to bag all the Munros (mountains) in Scotland, drinking coffee and declaring myself a proud Hufflepuff.

Am I right for you?

I work with people who:

I don't work with people who:

Ready to get the ball rolling?

What my clients say

Debbie rode in like a knight in shining armour, picking up every aspect of my S&M role and delivered to me – work complete, far beyond my capabilities (and I’m fucking good by the way).  The return and engagement I am receiving on Debbie’s content, emails, blogs and social media speaks for itself.

Cara MacKay - Managing Director o Gillies and MacKay